Friday, October 12, 2007

Speed Up My PC 3.5

SpeedUpMyPC - Performance Made Easy! - The award-winning and leading software utility that automatically optimizes and maximizes the performance of all computers within minutes. Maximize Hardware Usage for Superior Performance - Fine-tune your computer hardware with SpeedUpMyPC to run at peak efficiency without the headaches of sluggishness, annoying delays and crashes. Optimise System Settings for Ultimate Speed - Automatically tweak system and internet settings with SpeedUpMyPC to enjoy the true power and speed of your computer. Monitor Resources and Settings for Preventive Action - By informing you when resources are hitting critical levels, SpeedUpMyPC enables you to take action before your computer crashes or stops responding. Exceptionally Simple to Use - Whether you are an expert or a novice, SpeedUpMyPC is exceptionally simple to use and does a superb job explaining "the bare essentials" about tweaking your computer for superior performance. Value for Money - With the full arsenal of heavy-duty tools including anti-crash technology and start-up management, SpeedUpMyPC offers you true value for money.

size : 6 MB

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