Thursday, October 11, 2007

Norton Antivirus 2007

Norton, a big player in security software, offers competitive antivirus protection. The AntiVirus 2007 suite is easy to use and has extensive security features to protect your PC from malicious programs. Some of this protection includes instant messaging scanning, script blocking and POP3 and SMTP email protection. However, this software doesn’t provide protection from P2P or file sharing transfers.The interface is logical and easy to use. The default settings provide excellent protection against email viruses, SMTP worms and Trojan horses by scanning both incoming and outgoing emails and repairing infected files.

When you connect to the Internet, this program will automatically detect updates and download them to keep your security current. Updates are available for one year. Staying up–to–date will dramatically decrease the possibility of being infected by a virus.This version includes a free Vista compatibility update.

Norton scans file attachments in MSN, AOL and Yahoo applications including IM attachments. The Quarantine feature isolates infected files in a protected area of your hard disk until they are repaired.In addition to anti–virus tools, the program comes with some great spyware and adware detection tools. It automatically detects and blocks high–risk spyware and adware programs before they are installed on your systemThe Norton AntiVirus 2006 is very easy to install and setup.


activation: XJBM6WJQHQ4T

activation: GM4B9TG3KC8G

activation: XJC3V7QBKDW4

activation: XJC3V7QBKDW4

Product Key:J7Q6T43F6MF39Q47D3YG7WYP9
ctivation: XJBM6WJQCQ4T

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